Weaponry Mod for Factorio

Actually there’s no need to say more than previous description 😆
maybe just it’s my very first mod so it’s nothing extraordinary. I’ve created this mod because I felt that my weapons were useless in “lategame”, not even actaully lategame. When I researched a piercing magazines it was beautiful because I could manage bigger nests. But how time passed by and looked on the map I saw a big problem. There were few nests that were huge. I mean really huge and I believe these weren’t biggest I can meet in the game. One of them was like 50 (maybe even more) big/medium worms around 8 spawners. Whoa, I couldnt even get closer to destroy the spawners. I think you should be able to do that within few mins but with vanilla ammo it’s been impossible because biters and spitters are spawning way too fast.

Credit: Jouki



Weaponry1 Weaponry2 Weaponry3 Weaponry4 Weaponry5


weaponry_0.2.0.zip (Mirror)

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