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This is a mod which adds a bulldozer to the game, designed for quickly ripping up a base where logistic drones are not an option (i.e. long runs of rail that are no longer necessary)

Current features:
-Removes structures and places them in bulldozers inventory
-Picks up loose items on the ground
-“Projectile Shield” when active the “Blade” will also act as a projectile shield effectively negating ranged damage from the front
-Removes trees (adds wood to inventory)
-Removes rocks (adds stone to inventory)

To use:
– place vehicle like normal
– enter vehicle
– start/stop button will appear in top left of screen
– in stop mode bulldozer will roll over and destroy things like the tank
– in start mode bulldozer will “pickup” everything in front of the “blade” (except biters)
– blade is in the front of the bulldozer so reversing over things will destroy them as if you are in stop mode
– can tow trailers added with roadtrain mod
– can dump “collected” items into trailers

Credit: Cheata


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Are you tired of trying to go straight in your car while driving around in your base? This mod will add a small window with four buttons (N, S, W, E) to point you in a straight line. This is a great way to follow along a train track, belt, pipe or anything else you have lined up and don’t want to crash into. The window will only appear when you enter a vehicle.

Credit: Turtle

Drive Assist
Drive Assist

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How does it work? A step-by-step guide:
1. Research the technology. (/c game.players[1].force.technologies[“Old-World-Harvesting”].researched = true)
2. Craft a refinery and any number of harvesters. (About 200 should do)
3. Place them down.
4. Place a belt at any (or all) of the three lanes shown above. (Or don’t, you can use inserters)
5. Put coal in the harvester(s). (You didn’t think it’d be free did you?)
6. Sit back and watch the resources roll in.

More information:
-No belts are required! Place one or two (or 24) inserters and watch them pluck the resources from the refinery with weirdly extending arms!
-The harvesters automatically refuel at the nearest refinery that contains the fuel they’re currently using, so make sure it’s available.
-The refinery is also a smart chest, this allows you to do many things. (Such as maintaining the fuel supply)
-The refinery will always try to keep at least a stack of each fuel containing item it contains.
Sorting the ores is up to you. It won’t be done by the refinery.
There’s probably loads of bugs, so do please report them.

Credit: ThaPear

Automated Red Alert harvesters
Automated Red Alert harvesters

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RoadWorks is a mod focusing on adding the base connection infrastructure currently missing from Factorio. The mod expands on the car aspect of the game, adding features such as paved roads or speedometers.

RoadWorks also adds limestone, which is a new kind of ore used to make concrete. Once the Hydraulic Cement research is done, limestone can to be burned into quicklime, which is then mixed with water and stone in a chemical plant to make concrete. At the moment, concrete is only used in pavement crafting, but eventually it will also be used in bridge construction and possibly other recipes. Concrete pavement needs 4 concrete blocks for crafting and speeds up both cars and players by 30%. Note that you do not need the Oil Refining technology to build the chemical plants needed to create concrete.

Credit: Rahjital



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Just checked the files to cheat me a super tank into TankWerkz, then I just couldn’t stop myself. So thanks to thegreyman for TrankWerkz which set me down this path for two weeks.

This adds a mini tech tree that branches off of vanilla tech and has its own item category, so unless there some unfortunate name clashes would work with anything. Probably. Maybe.

Everyone is free to use this mod as usual with some form of crediting.

Builds Tanks/Support vehicles. Can be (and should be) outside Logistic chain, since there is little point in mass producing tanks.
Produces; Battle Tank Type A (Cannon + Flamethrower), Battle Tank Type B (45mm Auto Cannon + Combat Shotgun), Artillery (50 mm Artillery Cannon), Car (With Flame Thrower)

Ammunition Factory

Builds ammunition and needed components. All munitions use Universal Casing and Charges (except flame thrower ammo, which is basically 5 canisters poured into armoured tank). Some munitions are more cost effective then others.
Produces; Universal Heavy Ordinance Charges & Casing, Flamethrower Tanker (Vehicles Only), 45mm Auto Cannon Shell, 50mm Artillery Shell, Improved Cannon Shell

Credit: KON_Air



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