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This mod add two things to the game, the creative chest which provide an infinite source of the item or fluid you want at the direction you want, the void chest which delete all items or fluid at the direction you want, the Zero point energy generator that can generate up to 999TW and the Black hole energy consumer that can consume up to 999TW.

Credit: y.petremann

Creative Mode
Creative Mode

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Autofill inserts fuel (like coal) to entities (like car) or ammo to turret, when player builds them. (only if player has required items inside main inventory)

Mod’s default settings:

  • Items used by mod:
  • -All itemprototypes with fuelvalue (is sorted from high to low)
  • Bullets: {“piercing-bullet-magazine”, “basic-bullet-magazine”}
  • Shells: {“cannon-shell”}
  • car, dielsel-locomotive and tank are loaded with fuel with highest fuelvalue. (+ tank includes ammos too)
  • Burners group: Burner mining drills, Stone furnaces, Steel furnaces, Burner inserters and Boilers work same as vehicles, but all fuel is divided to all “burners” that are in quickbar and hand.
  • Turrets group: Gun turrets are loaded with ammos (First in array first in use). Ammo is divided to all turrets in quickbar and hand.

Credit: rk84

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The Requester Chest, it automatically calls the items that the assembly machine need to build, depending on the chosen multiplier (1-10).

It has an assembly machine (1, 2 or 3) with a pre-defined revenue and an inserter (either 5) … When placing the Requestor Chest, automatically this will check on the assembly machine ingredients you need and will request them.

The amount of ingredients that will ask for each recipe, depends on the chosen multiplier configuration.


1 – In the following image we have four assembly machines already with their recipes and inserters in place.

2 – By placing the Requestor Chest, it will check the ingredients that need recipe, multiplied by the multiplier.

[*] a) -> Small Electric Pole = 2 wood + 2 Copper Cable
[*] b) -> Multiplier = 2
[*] c )-> Ingredients that will be requested: 4 wood + 4 Cooper Cable

To turn off, just click the green color button. Turn on in red.

Credit: maurojunior2011

T2yGVuY Auto Request to Logistic Chest Requester3

Auto Request to Logistic Chest Requester
Auto Request to Logistic Chest Requester

Auto Request to Logistic Chest Requester1 Auto Request to Logistic Chest Requester2


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