Tanks! Mod for Factorio

Just checked the files to cheat me a super tank into TankWerkz, then I just couldn’t stop myself. So thanks to thegreyman for TrankWerkz which set me down this path for two weeks.

This adds a mini tech tree that branches off of vanilla tech and has its own item category, so unless there some unfortunate name clashes would work with anything. Probably. Maybe.

Everyone is free to use this mod as usual with some form of crediting.

Builds Tanks/Support vehicles. Can be (and should be) outside Logistic chain, since there is little point in mass producing tanks.
Produces; Battle Tank Type A (Cannon + Flamethrower), Battle Tank Type B (45mm Auto Cannon + Combat Shotgun), Artillery (50 mm Artillery Cannon), Car (With Flame Thrower)

Ammunition Factory

Builds ammunition and needed components. All munitions use Universal Casing and Charges (except flame thrower ammo, which is basically 5 canisters poured into armoured tank). Some munitions are more cost effective then others.
Produces; Universal Heavy Ordinance Charges & Casing, Flamethrower Tanker (Vehicles Only), 45mm Auto Cannon Shell, 50mm Artillery Shell, Improved Cannon Shell

Credit: KON_Air





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