Super Tank Mod for Factorio

For those who like to explore far from their base and to cook tons of fresh alien-burgers… this mod adds a ferrari-red 😉 boosted customisable version of the vanilla Tank, with boosted ammos. You can eventually edit the config.lua file to freely customize your SuperTank with 3 self-explanatory cursors : one for life and resistances, one for mechanics (speed/braking), one for ammos (damage/range/reload time). Note that when these factors are set to 1, nothing changes from the original tank. When they are very high, the tank caracteristic tend to be perfect/immune/100%. So choose your own balancing between reason and overpower ! 😎

You’ll have to research a new technology “SuperTanks”, available if you already have “Tanks”.
It gives you 3 new recipes : one for the SuperTank, and two for ammos (shells and bullets).

I find this SuperTank very useful to extend my base in late stages of the game.

Credit: BinbinHfr

Super Tank

Super Tank

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