Stainless Steel wagon Mod for Factorio

Well, Assembly machines is one thing, so, you know about that. Now that the V0.11.4 changed the ingredient count to 6, my mod is less of the necessity that it used to be, but still has its advantages.

Ores mod adds ores for lots of ores, most of which can also be used in DyTech and F-Mod.

The plates mod, also known as Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates, or MCI for short is effectively my big mod. It adds all the metals from DyTech and F-Mod, including the ones that arn’t used in those mods, plus nickel and cobalt, with an alternate, and more realistic method of producing them, instead of Lava magic, except perhaps Tin and Aluminium, because F-Mod’s methods are quite realistic to begin with.
It also adds higher tiers of the chemical plant, and some factories of my own, including the Electrolyser chain and 2 types of furnace, Chemical (which adds an input pipe) and Mixing for making alloys. It also adds quite a few alloys, including most that are in DyTech.
it adds a whole new electronics chain, where progression is based on difficulty to make, rather than “throwing more of the same resources at it”, and if you use the Electronics Overide Mod will replace the base game electronics with my own globally for an interesting challenge.
Then there’s also a few other misc things like Bearings as a new intermediate, and Pipes made from several different materials, that can be used either as ingredients to make some of my things, or be placed in the world with different atributes.
there’s also the whole fluid management side, which allows you to barrel or bottle all the base game fluids (except water), and most of the ones I’ve added, as well as being able to create water, lithia water (used to make lithium ion batteries) and Compressed air (renamed Liquid air as used in tree farm and DyTech).

just to be clear, most of the overlap in this mod with things in other mods, such as the ores, and metal plates being the same ones used in DyTech and F-Mod were done on purpose to prevent item duplication, though I know I did miss a few things like Sodium Hydroxide, F-Mod uses Sodium Hidroxide instead, now that I’ve had a bit of experience with the electronics overide mod I could probably write a migration script and overide to merge the 2. Also some of the metals like Gun-Metal, Brass and Bronze were basically added to allow you to make them with my more realistic method rather than DyTech lava magic, though since they’re there I have started to use them. Others are a bit of a dead end product like Tungsten Carbide, I did plan to use them, but havn’t made those items yet.
Power mod adds new solar panels, accumulators, steam engines and boilers. Okay, when you have Youki and DyTech that also add these, it doesn’t sound very special, but they’re all unique. For example, the Accumulators have a “Fast” and a “High Capacity” variation to suit different needs. Solar Panels have a 2×2 and 4×4 variation as well as higher tiers.

My Modules mod reballances all modules and completely redefines the recipe structure of modules, as well as adding all the modules within DyTech modules mod, and more, the ability to make modules with no negative side effects by combining components of the desired effect, and those of the module to counter it. These refined modules can be made either by building the module from the components directly, or combining 2 already build modules of the same level(more expensive, but gives you something to do with the now obsolete modules)

I also have a newly added Logistics mod that adds upto tier 4 robots, Roboports, and cut down roboports (Robochest, Logistic zone expander, and robot charging pad). These cut down versions are basically a good thing to use in specialised scenarios, you can use the Robochest to store drones in areas that have a heavy fluctuation of activity, charging ports in your busy areas, and LZEs in the quite areas instead of roboports. it also adds 2 more tiers of belt, another tier of inserter, different configurations of most types of inserter (long, short etc), and trains. (MK2, MK3 and armored).

Credit: Rseding91

Stainless Steel wagon

Stainless Steel wagon

Stainless Steel wagon1 Stainless Steel wagon2 Stainless Steel wagon3 Stainless Steel wagon4

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