Smart Display Mod for Factorio

Do you want to read some nice numbers from the circuit network straight on your map ?
Well, ok, I know that GopherAtl and his Nixie Tubes are doing it very nicely, but I found that they can take a lot of place if you want to display several big numbers, and that they are not always very readable by my old eyes. 😯
So I inspired myself from this famous mod and I created Smart Display, a more classical display item, with a basic font and some options to change font size, add some description text before of after the number, align left/center/right, fix the number of digits and even add leading zeros, thousands separator or kilo/mega/giga/tera divisors. You can even display this composite text on the general map (key ‘M’), and it will update even if you are far from the Smart Display.
When you click on the item, you have access to a special window with the extra formating options. The main window (which is a lamp interface) allows the user to choose the value of the circuit network that he wants to display. The condition is not taken into account, and will always show “=” and the current value when you reopen the item.
Don’t forget to connect the item to the network with red or green wire if you want the item to be activated.

Here is an example with a chest displaying its coal content on a ground panel and also on the general map.

Credit: BinbinHfr

Smart Display

Smart Display

Smart Display1 Smart Display2

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