Shuttle Train Mod for Factorio

So you have built a big and expansive base and you need to go to one of your mining outposts, so what do you do? Well you use the rail network that you built anyway. The only problem is that the train GUI is horrible if you aren’t setting up a route but just are going to a station one time. This mod aims to fix that, by adding a train specifically for transporting you around. You get a research that allows you to built a Shuttle Train, and when in the shuttle train you get this GUI:

You then just click the stations you want to go to and the train takes care of the rest.
Thanks to Stanfear for the filtering and Roktaal for ordering the stations alphabetically

Furthermore you can now click on the little train button in the top left to bring up the station list anywhere. Pressing it outside a train brings the closest unused shuttle train to that station.

The train has, thanks to Roktaal, a nice green color to distinguish it from your normal hauling trains.

The train works like an ordinary train, so you are still able to haul a couple of cargo wagons with you, if you fancy.

This mod has not yet been tested with multiplayer, so if you use it in multiplayer backup before you do, and please write about your experiences here, both good and bad 😀
All feedback is appreciated.


Shuttle Train

Shuttle Train

Shuttle Train1


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