S.A.M. Mod for Factorio

The main component is the Super Assembling Machine. All new recipes can be made only there. S.A.M. has 8 module slots and up to 8 ingredients. It can process both solid and liquid ingredients. Furthermore, I’ve thought of the Sam-circuit. Each new recipe which is prepared in a SAM, needs this as a catalyst.

The main recipes for research and development have been implemented yet.
3. Party Mods are not supported yet, I have to adjust each recipe individually.

Only articles are made, which can be also provided in the normal Assembling Maschines. The chemical plant is not yet supported. However, this is still on my to-do list.

Caution in Version 0.2.1 you can not research logisti-robotics and S.A.M. at the same time. You must choose between this technologys.




S.A.M.1 S.A.M.2 S.A.M.3 S.A.M.4


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