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This mod will help you to never lose track of your ore- and oil-fields again. All you need is your smart resource monitor ( and the required research for it of course ;))

How to use:
That’s a piece of cake! Simply click with your monitor item on any resource-field. After that your little helper calculates the whole amount of the deposit. Of course you can name the monitor for this deposit as you wish. The creation for oil-monitors works similar, but you can also combine several oilwells into a single monitor. The first and second picture show how the gui will look like after you added some monitors. There is also a settings-menu (picture 3) in which you can adjust what kind of information you want to see. And last but not least there are also a minimize and close button. To open the gui again, just use your helper and click somewhere in the wilderness.

Credit: drs9999

Resource Monitor Mod
Resource Monitor Mod

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How does it work? A step-by-step guide:
1. Research the technology. (/c game.players[1].force.technologies[“Old-World-Harvesting”].researched = true)
2. Craft a refinery and any number of harvesters. (About 200 should do)
3. Place them down.
4. Place a belt at any (or all) of the three lanes shown above. (Or don’t, you can use inserters)
5. Put coal in the harvester(s). (You didn’t think it’d be free did you?)
6. Sit back and watch the resources roll in.

More information:
-No belts are required! Place one or two (or 24) inserters and watch them pluck the resources from the refinery with weirdly extending arms!
-The harvesters automatically refuel at the nearest refinery that contains the fuel they’re currently using, so make sure it’s available.
-The refinery is also a smart chest, this allows you to do many things. (Such as maintaining the fuel supply)
-The refinery will always try to keep at least a stack of each fuel containing item it contains.
Sorting the ores is up to you. It won’t be done by the refinery.
There’s probably loads of bugs, so do please report them.

Credit: ThaPear

Automated Red Alert harvesters
Automated Red Alert harvesters

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Adds a Woodburner Manufacturing Unit wich burn wood in to coal and the recipes inspired by Burn the wood from enkindle and the burner manufacturing unit from Klonan and Laige

I add a new recipe category, which works only with my Woodburner Unit.
With this recipe its possible to use raw wood as a fuel and raw material.

Credit: BOFan80

Burn The Wood Advanced
Burn The Wood Advanced

Burn The Wood Advanced1

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This mod changes the mining of iron and copper. You will have to build bigger and more clever setups to get the iron/copper plates you are used to.
Be aware that mining iron fields will not only return iron-ore but also dirt, gravel and iron-nuggets. The same goes for copper.

Use the newly introduced machines (Crusher, Pulverizer) to get the best out of the ore you are mining. Use Inscinerators to get rid of items that you will accumulate and never use.

Credit: judos

HardCrafting - complex resource processing
HardCrafting – complex resource processing

HardCrafting - complex resource processing1

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