Resource Monitor Mod for Factorio

This mod will help you to never lose track of your ore- and oil-fields again. All you need is your smart resource monitor ( and the required research for it of course ;))

How to use:
That’s a piece of cake! Simply click with your monitor item on any resource-field. After that your little helper calculates the whole amount of the deposit. Of course you can name the monitor for this deposit as you wish. The creation for oil-monitors works similar, but you can also combine several oilwells into a single monitor. The first and second picture show how the gui will look like after you added some monitors. There is also a settings-menu (picture 3) in which you can adjust what kind of information you want to see. And last but not least there are also a minimize and close button. To open the gui again, just use your helper and click somewhere in the wilderness.

Credit: drs9999

Resource Monitor Mod

Resource Monitor Mod

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