Recycling Plant Mod for Factorio

-Adds a recycling plant that allows you to convert manufactured elements into their initial ingredients.

-Based on Justin Festa’s “Increments” mod, I have picked apart the recycling furnace he used and upgraded it drastically. His recycling plant didn’t add very many ingredients to the tear-down list, so I went through the game and added every single ingredient the 0.11.22 build uses (minus 2 or 3).

– Pre-requisites: Advanced Material Processing
– Research Ingredients: 80 x Science Packs 1, 2, and 3

-This mod works just fine with current 0.11.22 save games. If you find any items that were left out, please let me know. I spent the 6+ hours going through all of the recipe prototype files and adding them in, one by one, so there could be a chance that I left a file out on accident. If so, let me know here and I’ll be happy to update the mod.

Credit: noxwaste

Recycling Plant

Recycling Plant

Recycling Plant1 Recycling Plant2 jIGKaJl (1)

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