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This mod adds a new and better weapons with more realisitic look, shooting and sounds. You can unlock them from the beginning and then you have quite strong defense, so you don’t have to be afraid that the aliens will eat you. Please, check this website for new releases of the mod. Thank you for downloading this mod and don’t forget to give the monsters hell with our guns!



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Credit: JAK

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UBS adds a UI at the start of the game in which you can choose to look for not-connected slow-fast-express or all belts. UBS then will look for any disconnected belts from the type that you selected. UBS also looks for any placed underground belts. If after a while you have not yet placed a connection to that belt it will tell you where it is and where you are. then you can go and look for it.

Credit: matjojo

Underground Belt Spotter1

Underground Belt Spotter
Underground Belt Spotter

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I guess you’re so tired of running everywhere in this bloody huge factory ?
Even with exoskeletons, all these kilometers are a pain, no ?
You’d better chill out and relax in a deck-chair, drinking a beer and monitoring your factory from your smartphone ?

Well the bad news is that there is no more beer since the last six-pack broke during your spaceship crash…
But the good news is that you can search a new Camera Drones technology !

Just build a few drones and send them away to spy around, or let them in stationary flight somewhere in your factory or in an outpost.
They have solar panels and a good lithium battery, so they can fly for a very long time !
They just need to be in range of a drone antenna (around 100m).
At any moment, just switch on them and watch through their camera.
That’s as simple as that.
The maintenance drone upgrade can even interact with your factory. But cannot wear weapons.
And now, relax in your deck chair and well… dream about a good fresh beer !

Credit: BinbinHfr


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Do you want to read some nice numbers from the circuit network straight on your map ?
Well, ok, I know that GopherAtl and his Nixie Tubes are doing it very nicely, but I found that they can take a lot of place if you want to display several big numbers, and that they are not always very readable by my old eyes. 😯
So I inspired myself from this famous mod and I created Smart Display, a more classical display item, with a basic font and some options to change font size, add some description text before of after the number, align left/center/right, fix the number of digits and even add leading zeros, thousands separator or kilo/mega/giga/tera divisors. You can even display this composite text on the general map (key ‘M’), and it will update even if you are far from the Smart Display.
When you click on the item, you have access to a special window with the extra formating options. The main window (which is a lamp interface) allows the user to choose the value of the circuit network that he wants to display. The condition is not taken into account, and will always show “=” and the current value when you reopen the item.
Don’t forget to connect the item to the network with red or green wire if you want the item to be activated.

Here is an example with a chest displaying its coal content on a ground panel and also on the general map.

Credit: BinbinHfr

Smart Display
Smart Display

Smart Display1 Smart Display2

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A tank mod that adds additional tanks and tank/vehicle features to factorio.

– Auto cannon tank, fast conventional tank with two tiers
– Flamer tank, fast flamer tank with two tiers
– Super tank, heavy all round tank
– Rocket tank, Fast mobile range rocket launcher (under going redesign)

– Recall to tank teleporter tokens

Tank guns
– Auto cannon, will pass through objects like butter
– Battle cannon, stronger explosive shells
– Flamer, flame-thrower with two modes of fire
– Artillery, slow, high damage and long range shells
– Rocket launcher, fast and long range rockets
– Mine layer, faster way to deploy mines
– Machine gun, stronger then vanilla

– Cannon turret, a flame-thrower turret (under development)

This mod can be used with vanilla only, however it is balanced to play multi-player with “Bob’s Enemies” and “Natural Evolution Expansion”. This mod might be overpowered for vanilla

Credit: LCruel

Tanks! for Bob!
Tanks! for Bob!

Tanks! for Bob!1 Tanks! for Bob!2 Tanks! for Bob!3

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This mod is mainly focused on vanilla aspects, especially offense/defense and solar energy.
I take balance very seriously. Everything in this mod was carefully edited to be as balanced as possible for an authentic vanilla feel.
If something feels out of place, please leave a comment.

Most of the current content adds to the Mid-Game, I will add early-game content soon.

What this mod adds:
4 types of walls + 3 more types of gates. (Iron, Concrete, Plastic, Composite)
2 Advanced solar panels + advanced energy accumulator
7 types of vehicles
9 new types of tank shells
3 new ammo types
3 new guns
Finally 12 new techs to research in order to unlock these advanced items.

Credit :bloc97


VanillaEx1 VanillaEx2


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The Advanced Logistics system is an essential tool to keep track of items within your logistics network, it will show you a detailed list of all the items within and outside your logistics network, and provide you with tools to manage, sort and filter that information.

The system keeps track of all the logistics and non logistics containers along with the items stored inside them, and will provide you with a list of those items, you can also take a closer look at each of the items and inspect where it’s being stored.

The system also comes with some useful tools, such as utilizing robots to view the location of a container, or ordering your robots to deconstruct a container, there are also some experimental tools that can be enabled by the brave, these include teleportation and remote container upgrades.

Credit: Outsider

Advanced Logistics System
Advanced Logistics System

Advanced Logistics System1 Advanced Logistics System3 Advanced Logistics System2 Advanced Logistics System4 Advanced Logistics System5 Advanced Logistics System6 Advanced Logistics System7

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