mojo-resource-processing Mod for Factorio

This mod adds a a bit more depth to game, as you have to deal with waste products in ore processing.
I tested it for about 10 hours in multiplayer mode. It works great so far.

It adds the following features:
* Ore crusher and pulverizer to process raw ore
* Process by-products (gravel, dirt, slag)
* Removed hand-crafting, added burner assembling machine instead
* Cokery to transform wood to coal
* Water well pump to pump up water even in deserts
* Tree farm that auto seeds and chops down trees
* Terraform: build land on water tiles

Most of the features are copied/adapted from other mods. All credits go to the original creators.

As some/most of the mods weren’t updated anymore, or I didn’t like the balancing, I adapted them 😀

Credit: mojo2012




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