Logistics Railway Mod for Factorio

This mod allows you to load/unload your trains using your logistics robots! You don’t need to change your trains at all — simply replace some of your normal rail segments with one of the types of special Logistics Rails and any cargo wagon that stops on those rails will be automagically converted into a Logistics Wagon of the associated type. Then you can remove your inserters and chests and use only bots!
For example: If a wagon stops on top a Passive Provider rail, then its contents will be provided directly to the logistics network just like a passive provider chest.
You can, additionally, determine visually when a regular wagon becomes a Logistics Wagon when its alt-view cargo icons shrink in size.
In order to use Requester Rails, click them to set the logistics requests for any wagon that stops on top of them. You can, of course, copy/paste between Requester Rails just like with regular Requester Chests.
You can even use Requester Rails to automatically fuel up your locomotives! Please be careful to only request valid fuel items into locomotives, as all non-fuel items that cannot be inserted into locomotives will be destroyed. Also note that locomotives cannot use the other three types of rail.

The recipe for all Logistics Rails is merely a single regular rail piece, and when you remove a Logistics Rail, you receive a regular rail, for maximum flexibility.
If this recipe seems to cheap to you, it can be changed in the configuration file.

Known Issues/Quirks:
Any time a Cargo Wagon becomes a Logistics Wagon, its inventory is dumped into a separate invisible entity, and it is in fact that entity that interacts with the logistics network.
When its inventory has been given to the other entity, the wagon’s regular inventory is emptied and you are prevented from inserting/removing items by hand, unless you manually stop the train.

Requester Rails have a dummy item (control panel icon) auto-inserted on creation. This allows them to have logistics requests set but not actually request any items until a wagon comes along.
Please do not remove the control panel item. You needn’t concern yourself with it, as it will be properly dealt with by the mod code.

Sadly it seems that you cannot quick-replace regular rails with Logistics Rails, but you can rotate the logistics rails by 90° and then place them over the existing rails, then re-place them in the proper orientation.


Logistics Railway

Logistics Railway

Logistics Railway1


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