Inserter energy balance Mod for Factorio

In vanilla, inserters, long inserters, and fast inserters all have the same cost per action, as well as the same idle drain. Smart inserters cost more per insert, but all inserters have the same “idle” drain. Other than the (rather minimal) increase in cost of materials (or possibly intricate timing setups that rely on the basic inserter being slow), there is no reason to use a basic inserter once you’ve unlocked other inserters. This bugs me. So I wrote this, even though the game impact is relatively minimal. I just like to feel like I’m being frugal when I use a basic inserter…

Inserter energy usage (per movement) is now based on the speed of operation, as well as the length of the arm. Smart inserters have a passive power drain of 4kW (ten times the normal 400W) to represent their constant monitoring and calculating.

Should adapt well to any mods, though it will override energy settings the mod had set for its inserters which may be undesirable.

Calculations are based on the basic inserter as a baseline (or the burner inserter, for any mod-added burner inserter variants). Energy cost for longer arms uses the average distance between nominal pickup and dropoff points (if there were a normal 1×1 chest in those locations), and increases linearly rather than with length squared which would be more realistic. Smart inserters have their idle drain multiplied by ten, which is consistent-ish with vanilla.

For reference, the difference between vanilla and the rebalance. (Actually, the screenshot was the opposite and then I flipped it horizontally because the image made more sense…)

Credit: Schmendrick

Inserter energy balance

Inserter energy balance

Inserter energy balance1

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