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This mod will create power lines between most of the base game’s entities that require power.

  • Creates an invisible power pole under most power requiring entities
  • The invisible power poles function just like normal power poles
  • Manual or Automatic modes
  • Manual mode requires a special entity be made for each machine
  • Automatic mode just functions as soon as the research is completed (NOTE: there is a slight lag when the technology is completed, depending on map size and computer)

Credit: DedlySpyder

Powered Entities
Powered Entities


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Capacitors and Batteries Mod splits accumulators into two types:

  • Battery Accumulator: slow to charge/discharge but can store a lot of power
  • Capacitor Accumulator: doesn’t store much but can charge/discharge rapidly
  • Vanilla version is for unmodded gameplay.
  • Harder energy version has Harder Energy mod incorporated into it and is also meant to be played with Day/Night Extender.

Do not use Harder Energy mod with this mod, as it causes a conflict with accumulators.

Credit: thereaverofdarkness

Download: (657 downloads)
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-This is a simple mod adds an additional electric pole with more wire distance and coverage area.

-This is a simple mod with 1 electric pole.
-Reach and coverage has been improved.

Original medium electric pole:
maximum wire distance: 9
supply area: 7×7

Better electric pole:
maximum wire distance: 11
supply area: 9×9

Credit: elmi

Better electric pole
Better electric pole

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-Adds a solid fueled lamp for the early game.

-I really was hoping for a cheap light source for early-game, i.e. the pre-electricity phase. In exchange for being cheap to fuel, it can have a smaller light radius. Also, it might be neat if the light emitted by it was changed to a more red-yellow hue, to look more like fire. Anyway I envisioned it as some kind of coal-burning brazier, giving off light, rather than some device to burn coal to drive a turbine to generate electricity to power a primitive filament light bulb.

Credit: matpmag

Burner Lamp
Burner Lamp

Download: (248 downloads)
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