Electric Walls Mod for Factorio

I and my friend Mat5i6 have decided to create our very first mod, which we hope you’ll find at least a bit useful.

This mod brings you a completely new type of wall, an electric wall, which causes a fixed amount of damage on touch. It doesn’t require any energy for now, but the necessity of an energy supply is definitely going to be added in future releases.

During the development, we’ve been trying to find a balance between resources consumed for the purposes of building and the strength or the total effect of the wall. We believe we’ve found it, but we can’t be sure until the whole thing gets into the massive production.

If you have any questions regarding this mod, please, let us know. You can also write a reply in czech language if you want. The more people will like this mod, the more we will work on improving it.

MOD info:
Coder: Genhis

Credit: Genhis

Electric Walls

Electric Walls

Electric Walls

Electric Walls


ElectricWalls_0.0.1.zip (489 downloads)
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