Drones Mod for Factorio

I guess you’re so tired of running everywhere in this bloody huge factory ?
Even with exoskeletons, all these kilometers are a pain, no ?
You’d better chill out and relax in a deck-chair, drinking a beer and monitoring your factory from your smartphone ?

Well the bad news is that there is no more beer since the last six-pack broke during your spaceship crash…
But the good news is that you can search a new Camera Drones technology !

Just build a few drones and send them away to spy around, or let them in stationary flight somewhere in your factory or in an outpost.
They have solar panels and a good lithium battery, so they can fly for a very long time !
They just need to be in range of a drone antenna (around 100m).
At any moment, just switch on them and watch through their camera.
That’s as simple as that.
The maintenance drone upgrade can even interact with your factory. But cannot wear weapons.
And now, relax in your deck chair and well… dream about a good fresh beer !

Credit: BinbinHfr




Drones_1.0.7.zip (351 downloads)
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