Bulldozer Mod for Factorio

This is a mod which adds a bulldozer to the game, designed for quickly ripping up a base where logistic drones are not an option (i.e. long runs of rail that are no longer necessary)

Current features:
-Removes structures and places them in bulldozers inventory
-Picks up loose items on the ground
-“Projectile Shield” when active the “Blade” will also act as a projectile shield effectively negating ranged damage from the front
-Removes trees (adds wood to inventory)
-Removes rocks (adds stone to inventory)

To use:
– place vehicle like normal
– enter vehicle
– start/stop button will appear in top left of screen
– in stop mode bulldozer will roll over and destroy things like the tank
– in start mode bulldozer will “pickup” everything in front of the “blade” (except biters)
– blade is in the front of the bulldozer so reversing over things will destroy them as if you are in stop mode
– can tow trailers added with roadtrain mod
– can dump “collected” items into trailers

Credit: Cheata




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