Bob’s mods – Ores Mod for Factorio

Bob’s mods – Ores Mod adds new ore fields for the following new ore types: Tin, Silver, Gold, Galena (Lead), Tungsten, Bauxite (Aluminium), Zinc, Rutile (Titanium ore), and Quartz. It also adds the optional ores Nickel, Cobalt and Sulfur configurable in config.lua.

Since Nickel ore is a requirement for Bob’s Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates mod, the config option “GalenaGivesNickel” is enabled by default.

You might be thinking some of these ores sound familier, well, you’d be right, these are the ores of DyTech, and F-Mod, that you’d normally have to mine asteroids, or underground drilling to get. The original purpose of the mod is was to make these ores easier to get, but then was expanded as a base for my own mods.

Now also available: Bob’s Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates mod. Use it to create metal plates from these ores!


  • Removed migration script.
  • Tweaked a few variables for rare ores to make them slightly more reliable. (Silver, gold, nickel, cobalt)


  • Functions update, Now requires library mod.
  • Function based ore graphics removed. Now in library mod.
  • Changed ore names that use realworld names to include what elemental ore it is in brackets.
  • Config mod update.
  • v0.12.5
  • Changed the use of enable tag.
  • moved enable tags to plates mod. all ores are now disabled unless set in config.
  • Added compatabillity for sheet type 5, oil based image.
  • bob_create_ore_resource(data) now accepts tags category, minimum, normal, infinite, collision_box, selection_box and disable_map_grid.
  • bob_ore_sprite (the sprite section of bob_create_ore_resource data) now accepts tags scale, width, height, frame_count and variation_count


  • Added lots of new functions for generating resource data.
  • All ores are now generated by functions from a table.
  • Decreased gem ores “Richness”. (Less ore in a tile)
  • Increased Lead and Quartz starting area spawn amounts to be the same as base game stone.


  • Fixed NickelGivesCobalt check on the Galena check for no Nickel.


  • Added ore miner fix for multiple ore results, again, was accidently removed in 0.12.0.


  • Fixed the Gems check with backwards flag to fix a crash


  • Updated to work with factorio 0.12.x
  • Removed the effects other ores have on each ore, each field’s spawn location is now entirely¬†independant.
  • Removed alot of the sprite sheets in favor of a tintable template sheet.
  • Removed mining machines and tools to be used in a new mod.


  • Added Cobalt steel mining axe
  • Added Diamond mining axe
  • Added optional gem ore drops from Coal, Bauxite and Quartz.
  • Added multi-ore fix for mining drills


  • Added Brass, Titanium and Tungsten mining axes.
  • Turned on Gems by default, they will be of use in MCI v0.7.9.


  • Adds Russian translation (for content up to V0.6.4)
  • Adds T2 to T5 mining drills
  • Adds Large area mining drills, T2 to T5
  • Adds T2 to T5 Pumpjacks
  • Adds Obsidian to the Cobalt drop table if Obsidian exists


  • Added new DyTech overide


  • Fixed Multiplayer Migration script compatability
  • Fixed Quartz starting area values


  • Added optional Gem ore (incomplete, do not use)
  • Updated for Factorio V0.11


  • ¬†Added infinite ore option to config file.
  • Included a check to see if Iron Ore and Stone exist before replacing the icon to prevent a crash if you’re using a mod that removes them.


  • Lead(Galena) and Quartz are now available in the starting area in small quantities
  • all new ores normally apears in smaller patchs, with retuned figures
  • All new ores now have modified hardness and mining times making some more difficult to mine than others.
  • New Optional Nickel ore, Cobalt ore and Sulfur fields added.
  • New config file added to control Nickel, Cobalt and Sulfur.
  • Removed the Cassiterite recipes, and added a tin overide option in the config file

See readme file in zip for further changelog.

Credit: bobingabout

Bob's mods - Ores

Bob’s mods – Ores

Bob's mods - Ores1 Bob's mods - Ores2

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