Autofill Mod for Factorio

Autofill inserts fuel (like coal) to entities (like car) or ammo to turret, when player builds them. (only if player has required items inside main inventory)

Mod’s default settings:

  • Items used by mod:
  • -All itemprototypes with fuelvalue (is sorted from high to low)
  • Bullets: {“piercing-bullet-magazine”, “basic-bullet-magazine”}
  • Shells: {“cannon-shell”}
  • car, dielsel-locomotive and tank are loaded with fuel with highest fuelvalue. (+ tank includes ammos too)
  • Burners group: Burner mining drills, Stone furnaces, Steel furnaces, Burner inserters and Boilers work same as vehicles, but all fuel is divided to all “burners” that are in quickbar and hand.
  • Turrets group: Gun turrets are loaded with ammos (First in array first in use). Ammo is divided to all turrets in quickbar and hand.

Credit: rk84

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