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Use your rockets as a cargo to quickly send a payload to a distant outpost.

To establish a transportation path :
– Research the “Cargo rockets” technology.
– Build a Cargo departure chest on the side of a rocket silo (or a simple dedicated cargo rocket silo). Open it and rename it if you want.
Verify that the silo checkbox is checked : it means that the nearby silo was recorded and linked.
The content of this chest will be sent as a payload.
– Build a Cargo arrival chest at the delivery location. Open it and rename it if you want.
Open one of the chests and use the “To” or “From” button to link them together (it opens a list of possible departures or arrivals).

To send a payload :
– when the rocket is built and ready, you can manually launch the payload using the Launch button of the Departure Chest (do not use the Launch button of the silo !).
– or you can check the “autolaunch” option. In this case, the rocket will be launch as soon as it is ready (i.e. constructed) and every stack of the departure chest is full.
Note that you can use the red cross to limit the size of the chest.

Credit: BinbinHfr

Cargo Rocket
Cargo Rocket

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Adds catastrophic events and other disasters to the game.

– If you want to trigger one event manually (for testing purpose or for fun), you can type in the console : /c “armageddon“, “invasion” ) or /c “armageddon“, “biterzilla” ) and look on the map where the alarm rings :mrgreen:
– You can also use /c “armageddon“, “on” ) and /c “armageddon“, “off” ) if you want to temporarly enable/disable the mod (for example if you want to let your factory running alone for one night, you’d better disable disasters).
– You can use /c “armageddon“, “reset” ) to reset the counters and kill biterzillas.

Credit: BinbinHfr


Armageddon1 Armageddon2

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This mod add two things to the game, the creative chest which provide an infinite source of the item or fluid you want at the direction you want, the void chest which delete all items or fluid at the direction you want, the Zero point energy generator that can generate up to 999TW and the Black hole energy consumer that can consume up to 999TW.

Credit: y.petremann

Creative Mode
Creative Mode

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Autofill inserts fuel (like coal) to entities (like car) or ammo to turret, when player builds them. (only if player has required items inside main inventory)

Mod’s default settings:

  • Items used by mod:
  • -All itemprototypes with fuelvalue (is sorted from high to low)
  • Bullets: {“piercing-bullet-magazine”, “basic-bullet-magazine”}
  • Shells: {“cannon-shell”}
  • car, dielsel-locomotive and tank are loaded with fuel with highest fuelvalue. (+ tank includes ammos too)
  • Burners group: Burner mining drills, Stone furnaces, Steel furnaces, Burner inserters and Boilers work same as vehicles, but all fuel is divided to all “burners” that are in quickbar and hand.
  • Turrets group: Gun turrets are loaded with ammos (First in array first in use). Ammo is divided to all turrets in quickbar and hand.

Credit: rk84

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