Armageddon Mod for Factorio

Adds catastrophic events and other disasters to the game.

– If you want to trigger one event manually (for testing purpose or for fun), you can type in the console : /c “armageddon“, “invasion” ) or /c “armageddon“, “biterzilla” ) and look on the map where the alarm rings :mrgreen:
– You can also use /c “armageddon“, “on” ) and /c “armageddon“, “off” ) if you want to temporarly enable/disable the mod (for example if you want to let your factory running alone for one night, you’d better disable disasters).
– You can use /c “armageddon“, “reset” ) to reset the counters and kill biterzillas.

Credit: BinbinHfr



Armageddon1 Armageddon2

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