AlphaMod – Advanced Fluid Handling Mod for Factorio

– New pipes that doesnt change shape according to adjacent piping
– New I-type pipe that have fixed input and output
– Added posibility to “fast-replace” storage tanks without loosing content
– New Output Storage Tank, that let you pump out liquid and remove him
– New Smart Storage Tank, that measuring Amount Tempereture and Percent of fill of him self and directly connected tanks and let u use it for logic circuit
– Added Smart Pump, that pumping only when conditions and filter (if any) are fulfilled
– Added Open Pipe, liquid disposal that generate 2 pollution per liter when liquid isnt water
– Added Open Pito into Water, liquid disposal that generate 1 pollution per liter when liquid isnt water
– Added Electric Boiler that will not allow perpetum mobile or slow down liquid
– Added Liquid Splitter. For open GUI and change values hold mouse over Liquid Splitter for 1.5 sec
In 0.0.8 mod was optimalized and should not cause any major fps drops

Credit: Kexík

AlphaMod - Advanced Fluid Handling

AlphaMod – Advanced Fluid Handling

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