Alien Oil Mod for Factorio

How to use the mod is meant to be discovered in-game by finding the Activator.

The Activator can be found in a crashed alien ship in newly generated chunks that are 3000 meters or more from spawn (the debug screen -F5- with detailed information enabled will tell you your current position if you want to know). When you find the activator a message will let you know so you shouldn’t miss it. If you get the message but for some reason are unable to find the ship you can use the Downed ship locator (compass) and it will point you at it.

You should be able to figure out everything else by using the activator but if for some reason you can’t figure it out or you just don’t want to, click link below for a detailed explanation for how the mod works from beginning to end.

Credit: Rseding91

Alien Oil

Alien Oil

Download: (Mirror)

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